What’s In a Logo?

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What's in a Logo?ArtistWithaDayJob.com was the first domain I ever acquired. Since then, Go Daddy and I have become quite good friends. The day it was purchased (March 29, 2009 to be exact) I had finally decided to embrace my “artist” identity. Having long been a card-carrying member of Corporate America, I felt that the term “Artist With a Day Job” fit me perfectly.

My initial intention was to simply use the domain for putting my own artwork online. But it was a relatively short period of time before I switched my art portfolio over to my name instead. (BTW- I recently updated my portfolio site if you want to check it out.)

Making the switch to using my own name  meant that I was now REALLY putting myself out there. For some, this would be no big deal. But for me- someone who was already “out there” because of my well-established Day Job identity– it was a risky decision. Still, I made the change because I knew that Artist With a Day Job was a term that described a lot of people, not just me. 

So what does all this have to do with the logo? Well, despite my initial intention, I predict that Artist With a Day Job will one day be about a lot more than me and my artwork. The logo is a reflection of it’s future, so let’s break it down:

  • Aw/aDJ Acronym (pronounced “A” with a “DJ”): I don’t have to tell you that everything has to have an acronym these days. And in my Day Job business, acronyms run amuck. Aw/aDJ, however, is intended to have that cool factor, like “Yo- I’m an Aw/aDJ, Bro!” (for some reason, I can hear Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad saying this, although he’d probably replace “Bro” with something a bit more colorful.)
  • Black and White: Previous logos have always contained an element of my personal artwork. Because this site is intended to be about more than just me, the black and white color combo symbolically means that it’s generic (in a good way) and applicable to all.
  • Saw Blades: “Sharpen the Saw” is the 7th principle in Stephen Covey’s highly acclaimed book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It means that we need to preserve and enhance the greatest asset we have (ourselves). Continuous improvement is a constant in my life and I strive to grow my knowledge and skills daily.
  • Eclipse: Last but not least, the image of the sun=day as in “Day” Job. When I finished creating the logo, I thought to myself…Hmmmm…this sorta looks like an eclipse.  Well, what do you know! The song “Eclipse” by Pink Floyd happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time! Not only do the lyrics have great meaning to me personally, but I believe (and this is just me) that they point to the ultimate truth about our lives here and beyond. (“Whoa! Gettin’ kinda heavy in here, now, Bro!”) Bottom line: I didn’t intend to make a logo that looked like an eclipse, it just kind of happened. 

So what’s in a logo? When it comes to Aw/aDJ…a lot more than you think.

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