Life Lessons from an Art Workshop (Part 2)

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Life Lessons from an Art Workshop (Part 2)Lesson #2: Follow Your Own Gut Instinct

So there I was in the workshop, documenting the progress of this particular painting by taking pictures along the way and posting them on Facebook. When I took the photo above, I must admit, I thought she was complete.

Even though the painting was still recognizable as my own, I had pushed myself beyond my typical style and color palette and felt really good about the overall effect. That was until the teacher walked over to critique my work.

I don’t recall exactly what she said to me, but whatever it was had me second-guessing what I’d done and spreading a new layer of paint over the canvas. When I saw the wreckage, I was pissed at her, but more importantly, I was pissed at myself. I should never have doubted my own instinct. A friend even commented on the photo I’d posted saying, and I quote: “Stop right there, Missy! I like it just as it is.” but it was too late.

Not everything labeled as “constructive” feedback is all that constructive. Sometimes you need to turn off the external noise and listen to that small, intuitive voice that ultimately knows what’s true for you.

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