Life Lessons from an Art Workshop (Part 1)

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Life Lessons from an Art Workshop (Part 1)Lesson #1: Enjoy the moment while it lasts.

I brought an old painting to the art workshop I took this past weekend. I figured that anything I did to it would be a vast improvement.

As I poured various shades of paint over the canvas, I started falling in love with the contrast between the old and the new. In fact, I distinctly recall saying “I’m loving the way this looks!” to which my teacher said “Don’t fall in love. What you love is gonna be the first thing to go.” 

She wasn’t lying. The painting you see in this post no longer exists. It came and it went almost as quickly as it was created. All that’s left of it is a snap-shot in time and the impression it made on me. Had I not paid attention, it would be as if it never even existed. 

I say, go ahead- fall in love with the moments in your life and appreciate them while they’re here. But trying to hold on is futile.

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