Letter to “Escape from Chaos”

Letter to "Escape from Chaos"Dear Escape from Chaos,

Well, the day has finally arrived for you to leave the nest. Soon I will be loading you in my car and driving you across town to your new home. Don’t worry…it’s an open adoption and your new family has assured me that I can come visit.

Letter to “Escape From Chaos”

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. Your father was watching football while I gave birth to you on the dining room table. Yours was a messy birth…one of the messiest I’d ever had, yet the process of bringing you to life was effortless. ¬†Oh, sure- you were unplanned (as has been the case with your other siblings), but one thing is for certain- you have always been loved.

Today I am filled with mixed emotions as I prepare to say good-bye. I’ve been tempted to keep you all to myself, but knowing that someone else wants you and will love you just as much as I do brings me joy. You were put on this earth to remind others that they can rise above and “escape” their own private chaos and now you’re going out into the world to do just that. I’m so proud of you!

I’ll keep a picture of you above my desk so you know I’ll be thinking of you every day. And although there might be reproductions made, never forget that you are and always will be an original, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Love- Mommy

Letter to “Escape from Chaos”
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