It’s Saturday: Step Away from the Day Job

Its Saturday: Step Away from the Day JobToday is my only day home this week. Literally. I’ve been on the road for the Day Job since Monday, arrived home last night and hit the road (yet again) tomorrow.

So what did I choose to do with my one free day? Something fun, right? Something creative, right? Something relaxing, right? Not exactly. It’s already 2:20 on a Saturday and I’ve spent the morning and part of the afternoon working on Day Job stuff. Pretty pathetic, I know.

Now in my defense, I don’t have the kind of Day Job where I’m working for “the Man.” At my job, I am “the Man.” Still, I need to be more protective in the future of my “me” time. Scratch that. Forget about the future and let’s get this party started now.

Time to get the music goin’ and the paint (and cocktails?) a-flowin’…!
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