Don’t Dismiss Your Day Job Doodles

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Don't Dismiss Your Day Job DoodlesAre you dying a slow and painful death by PowerPoint? Are you stuck in a meeting that seems to have no end? Don’t dispair…Doodle!

Artist With a Day Job, Jennifer Judd McGee, has taken what used to be a Day Job coping mechanism and has turned it into a full-time business.  She says “During long meetings and conference calls I would doodle to help my concentration.”

Jennifer’s not alone in her doodling, or in her ability to turn doodling into a business. In fact, doodling even has it’s own revolution and manifesto started by designer, Sunni Brown. Apparently, there are a lot of myths about the “art” of doodling, but in the video below, Sunni dismisses them one-by-one. Just watch:

Contrary to what a lot of non-doodlers may think, doodling is not just for slackers. According to Jackie Andrade, author of  “What Does Doodling Do?” , our brains are designed to constantly process information. So when we’re bored, or in an environment we find less than stimulating, our brain needs something to do in order to stay engaged. Ironically, an activity that makes us look like we’re not paying attention, is a strategy that actually helps us retain more information than our non-doodling colleagues.

Congratulations to Jennifer for parlaying her doodles into a Day Job and for having her work featured in the new book “Grow Your Handmade Business,” by Kari Chapin. You can also view and purchase prints of Jennifer’s work at her shop on Etsy.

And thank you to Sunni for standing up for doodlers everywhere. Interested in learning more about what Sunni does for a Day Job and how you can learn how to do it, too? Click here for information on her Infodoodling Bootcamp (yes, that’s what it’s really called).

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