Do What You Love and the Money “May” Follow

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Do What You Love and the Money "May" FollowEven if you’ve never heard of Marsha Sinetar, you’ve probably heard of her famous book titled “Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow.” This is simple advice that’s not so simple to take.

I did not take Marsha’s advice when I was in my 20’s. Instead I followed the corporate path and did, not what I loved, but what I liked some of the time, loathed some of the time and merely tolerated the rest of the time. Guess what? The money still followed.

My point is this: Do what you will (love it or not), the money can follow. As an artist, someone following an unconventional path, you know that it won’t happen if you don’t do that creative thing that only you can do (you know what I’m talking about). So, first things first, you’ve got to make your stuff. And when I say “MAKE” I actually mean “FINISH TO COMPLETION.”

Once you make your stuff, you’ve go to put it out there for the people. Then, and only then, can you also make money provided you do some other stuff, too. If you’re not sure what that other stuff is, don’t worry, I have a resource for you. This is the exact same resource I used when I made the decision to not only start calling myself an artist, but to start acting like one. If you think I’m just saying this, take a look at this post from 3 years ago and you’ll see that it’s true: Step 1: Actually Take Step 1.

Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guide to Art and Money is what gave me the inspiration to finally own the fact that, Day Job or no Day Job, I AM an Artist.  (If you haven’t heard of Chris, he’s the guy who hosts that small little annual event called the World Domination Summit. Yeah, that guy.)

Anyway, Chris made me change the way I viewed myself.  And once I made that shift – as someone who no longer defined herself by what she did for money- my life truly changed and creative opportunities started showing up.

You are more than what you do for money, too. If you create, you’ll probably keep on creating whether or not you ever see a dollar from it. That’s just what artists do. But wouldn’t it be nice to make a little bank from being who you really are? I thought so :).

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