An Artist’s Appreciation for the Day Job

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An Artist's Appreciation for the Day JobYou’ve heard the term “it takes money to make money,” right? Well, it also takes money to buy art supplies and studio time.

Lately, I’ve been spending a bit of cash in an effort to bring a long awaited musical project to life. Where did said cash come from, you ask? Why, the beloved Day Job, of course!

In a recent post, Minneapolis based songwriter and music producer, Chad Shank, gives his perspective on the value of a Day Job.

“I think having a day job actually helps my songwriting. I can afford trips to Nashville, new music gear, formal education, books and more. I also have much less stress and can have a clear head when working on and choosing projects. I do not have to scramble just to pay the rent. Do I have all day to lounge and write songs, nope. But if I did, knowing myself, I would not be writing the full time anyway.  So I actually think having limited time helps me focus more intently on accomplishing what I need to. It is also the perfect escape from the coporate environment that I work in all day.” (click here to read his full post)

I think Chad has the right attitude about this whole Day Job thing. It certainly can remove the desperation factor to have a bit of cash flow. With desperation comes the temptation to sell out, and that’s the last thing an artist ever wants to do.

So, bitch about your Day Job if you must. But tonight before you go to sleep, say a little prayer giving thanks that you have a Day Job to bitch about.

What are your thoughts about the Day Job? Blessing or curse?

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